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Was in a rush but I still stopped to holla shit
That’s the least I owed her cause see I tried to hit
On the first night, and nah I ain’t proud of it
I boned her in my dorm room and kicked her out of it
And I never called back, how thoughtfuless
Now I’m standing in the streets tryna politic with her
In her mind she calling me a misogynist nigga
On some Bobby Brown shit my prerogative, nigga is to hit and never commit
Now realizing when I hit she never forgets
So every time I ignore the telephone call
Saying I’ll hit her back knowing I’m never gon’ call

She was hurting, now she’s staring dead in my face she was smirking
Like, “Yeah I remember and nah you ain’t worth shit, nigga
You ain’t worth shit, nigga”

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i miss her coco butter kisses

i miss her coco butter kisses

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